Wage Garnishment
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Wage Garnishment

Did the IRS or any state taxing agency issue a Wage Garnishment against your paycheck?

Our company may be able to help you. We have the experience and expertise to negotiate with the IRS and other states throughout the country to release your Wage Garnishment.

Before a Wage Garnishment or Wage Levy is issued, demands for payment of the tax liability to taxpayers are sent. On many occasions, these demands are simply ignored by taxpayers. After these demands for payment are not satisfied by taxpayers, one of the steps taken by the IRS or by the states to effect collection is the issuance of Wage Garnishments.

A Wage Garnishment is a written notice issued by a State’s tax agency or the IRS to a taxpayer’s employer, ordering the employer to withhold a specific portion of the taxpayer’s salary or wage. The instruction by the IRS cannot be ignored by the employer lest that the employer will incur penalties and other potential liabilities to the government. For a self-employed taxpayer, the IRS or the states can garnish the business’ accounts receivables. For seniors receiving social security benefits, certain portion of said benefits can be withheld.

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