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Tax Prep Industries

These are just some of the industries where we provide expert tax preparation:

  1. Construction
    Our construction clients work in all facets of construction; planning, building and implementation phases.
  2. Recruiter- Educational and Administrative
    Our recruiter clients specialize in a wide array of industries; recruiting for everything from part-time to full-time, contract positions to private industry to public service.
  3. Computer Graphics
    Our computer graphics clients work in design, sales, and implementation of graphic design in advertising and computers.
  4. Independent Sales
    Our clients in independent sales work in all industries, from furniture to toothbrushes to clothing, and are employees and independent contractors.
  5. Real Estate Agent
    Our real estate agent clients have high and low volume commercial and residential sales, paid in 1099 income and S-Corps.
  6. Truck Driver
    Our truck driver clients work full and part time, driving cross country or more locally.
  7. Accountant/Bookkeeper/Tax Preparer
    Our accountant clients are independent contractors, have positions working for large corporations, or small companies.
  8. Auto Repair/ Mechanic
    Our mechanic clients run their own shops or are employees of body shops.
  9. Consultant
    Our consultant clients work in full-time positions or as independent contractors in private sector or public sector industries.
  10. Food Server/Bartender/Hospitality
    Our food service industry clients work in all facets of food preparation and service.
  11. Doctor/Physician Related Services
    Our physician clients have their own private practices or work for other practices or hospitals.
  12. Police Officer/Sheriff/Law Enforcement
    Our law enforcement clients work for the city, county, and private industry.
  13. Nurse/Home Health Care
    Our health care industry clients work as nurses, orderlies, administrative capacities, in private practice, private hospitals, and public hospitals.
  14. Internet Advertising
    Our internet advertising clients work in ad sales, ad implementation and design.
  15. Farming/Agriculture/Importing Goods
    Our clients who work in agricultural industries include farmers, importers, food distributors, and farm employees.
  16. Remodeling/ Plumbing- integral foundational remodeling from start to finish.
    Our renovation industry clients work in design, plumbing, electrical, and other design related fields.
  17. Teacher/Professor
    Our clients who work as teachers and professors work in lower and higher education, public and private schools.
  18. Camera Crew/Grip Equipment
    Our entertainment production clients work as camera men and women, supportive production team members like Assistant Directors, Directors of Photography, and other crew members.
  19. Actor/Entertainer
    Our clients working as actors and actresses are full and part time entertainers in film, television, stage, and print.
  20. Minister/Religious Leader
    Our religious leader clients work in all religions, and in all capacities.
  21. Marketing/Advertising
    Our marketing and advertising clients work in all industries, from television to print media, from social media to internet marketing.
  22. Painter- all exterior remodeling
    Our clients working in residential and commercial painting work as independent contractors and for small and large painting companies.
  23. Franchise Owner/Operator
    Our clients who own and operate their own franchise vary from Subway sandwich shops to 7-11’s to small local mom and pop’s.
  24. Lawyer/Legal Services/Freelance
    Our clients working in the legal profession industry are attornies at their own firms, in private practice, or public service and their corresponding support teams like paralegals.
  25. Financial Services/Investment
    Our clients who work in financial services handle personal and corporate investments, working independently or for small or large investment firms.
  26. Beautician/Hairstylist/Nail Salon/Waxing etc.
    Our clients working in the beauty industry handle everything from hair to make-up, nails to waxing and more. They own their own salons and work for salons as employees.
  27. Software Design
    Our clients who specialize in software design do so freelance or working for a larger company.
  28. Day Trader/ Bond Trader
    Our day trader clients work in stock trading and various components of stock trading, as consultants and employees.
  29. Manager
    Our management clients work in every industry from eggs to toys, managing large or small groups of employees.
  30. Agent/ Broker- Entertainment, Contracts, etc.
    Our entertainment agent and broker clients work in all industries from drama to reality television, from film to print media. These individuals own their own agencies or work for larger companies.
  31. Agent/Broker in wholesale/retail industry
    Client introductions, etc-Middleman Third Party to Distributors and Wholesaler. Our clients working as agents or brokers in the wholesale and retail industries include distributors, wholesalers, and sales.
  32. Model/Entertainer/Adult Entertainment

    Working in all facets of Entertainment, Adult and otherwise; as a performer, model, director, producer, or supporting production.
  33. Cosmetic Sales

    Our cosmetic sales clients work in all fields and aspects of the cosmetic field.
  34. Athletics- Athletes, coaches, pro, non pro, etc.

    Our athletic industry clients are coaches, athletes, supporting professionals, either for pro or non-pro teams.
  35. Day Spa and Dermatology

    Our day spa clients work as administrators, receptionists, technicians, and cosmetologists.
  36. Wellness Services- Environmental Consultation
    Our clients who work in the wellness services industries promote all aspects of personal wellness, environmental wellness, and corporate wellness.
  37. Performing Arts/ Dancer
    Back up dancers, music videos, professional movie extras, trapeze, circus, theater, ballerina- so many in one category.
  38. Food Truck- Independent Food Sales

    Our independent food sales clients own their own food truck or stand or are employed by someone who owns one.
  39. Performer
    Magician, Professional Speakers, Clowns, Professional Characters at theme parks and independently employed.
  40. Nightclub Owner/Promoter/Restaurant Investment
    Our restaurateur clients own and run their own restaurants, nightclubs, and promote events within them, large and small.
  41. Personal Trainer/Fitness Services

    Our clients do personal training or other fitness services own their own gyms, do home training, or work as independent contractors for larger gyms.
  42. Mental Health Services/Therapist

    Our clients who provide services for mental health or therapy have their own practice, work in public service, or work for a larger practice.
  43. Rehabilitation Services/Counselor/Substance Counseling

    Our clients specializing in rehabilitation, either for physical or substance problems, work in public service, have their own practice, or work for a larger practice.
  44. Cosmetic Surgeon/Weight Loss Services/Weight Loss Product Distribution

    Our clients working in the weight loss industry run the gamut of cosmetic surgeon to weight loss service provider, to product distribution.
  45. Musician/Recording Studio/ Talent Scout

    Our clients working in the music industry either as musicians, running a recording studio, or as a talent scout often own their own business or contract their work out to a larger one.
  46. Engineering/Technical Services

    Our clients working in the field of engineering and technical services have a wide range of expertise, from aerospace to automobiles, from geology to structural.
  47. Restaurant/Pizza Joint/Mom and Pop Stores
    Our clients who own small restaurants and mom and pop stores can be anything from the local convenience store to the local pizza joint, an ice cream shop to a vacuum repair shop.
  48. Stuntman

    Our clients working in the stuntman industry work in film, television, and stage performances.
  49. Billing/Invoicing/File Storage Services

    Our clients who specialize in billing and invoicing are hired as independent contractors or work for larger companies, as employees or outsourced consults.
  50. Landscaping and Building Maintenance

    Our clients working in the landscaping industry, cover everything from design to install, to maintenance.
  51. Independent Janitorial Services/Maintenance Services/Sale of Janitorial Products

    Our clients working in the janitorial industry cover sales, actual cleaning, and maintenance. They often work in private homes, office buildings, or commercial businesses.

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