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Blue Tax is a team of tax attorneys & tax professionals dedicated to providing the best resolution and service to our clients.

Do you owe the IRS or State more than $10,000? Are you worried that the constant threats and letters demanding repayment will finally be realized through asset seizure or a wage garnishment? Rest easy. Our team of tax attorneys and professionals are skilled in stopping forced collections in their tracks and getting you a settlement you can afford.

Since each taxpayer’s situation is different, our team takes pride in their vast knowledge and experience in understanding the IRS and State agency codes. Our professional staff know which tax codes to enforce and how to negotiate positive outcomes for our clients. Whether it is negotiating back taxes or just filing your return properly, our tax professionals stand alone in the tax resolution industry.

We negotiate your tax debt hard so you don’t have to!

Our Tax Attorneys will negotiate hard for the best possible relief that you qualify for, and most of our Enrolled Agents are ex-IRS employees who understand every IRS and State agency code. They know how to communicate this information to our Attorneys who will then negotiate for you.

Along with tax attorneys and enrolled agents, our CPA’s specialize in filing returns to assure a lesser tax liability. Proper planning with tax returns is something that is very important when helping to avoid tax debt down the line. Additionally, our Client Relations Managers handle all the paperwork and phone calls to ensure that your account moves forward properly.

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We are not a law firm. We employ attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPA’s.

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