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Have you received certified mail and letters from the IRS or State?

Getting mail from the IRS or State is an unnerving experience, and is one that will send shudders down most taxpayer’s spines. The fear of being collected on is real, and most people and businesses cannot afford wage garnishments or bank levies crippling their financial footing.

Thankfully our staff of tax attorneys, enrolled agents and tax professionals has spent years understanding the tax resolution process, and can intervene and stop these notices before they get worse.

There are several types of IRS notices:

  • Reminder Notice – This notice is one of the most important reminders that the IRS sends, and acts as a first warning to taxpayers or businesses with a tax liability issue. It usually comes regular mail, and provides fair warning that the taxes are due and payable, and asks for payment to be made promptly. It will list amount owed and the years involved, plus penalties and interest that have been added to the total.
  • Intent to Levy Notice – When reminder notices have gone unpaid, the IRS will send intent to levy notices, which will come certified mail, and usually provide thirty days to pay the amount owed. These are very important letters not to ignore, and if these notices go unpaid, the next step will be a levy on your bank account or assets and/or a wage garnishment.
  • Final Notice Intent To Levy – If you have failed to respond to reminder or intent to levy notices, this will be the final notice sent, and normally comes ten days before a wage garnishment, bank levy or asset seizure. If the IRS is not contacted immediately, and repayment terms have not been arranged, the final step will be forfeiture of assets to satisfy the amount owed.

Owing a tax debt is a serious financial issue, and is one that must be approached carefully and tactfully for best results. If you owe the IRS and have been receiving notices of amount owed mail or certified mail, don’t ignore them any longer! Our team will step in and resolve these issues quickly, stopping IRS collections in their tracks and getting you a fresh start.

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