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State Tax Debt

State Tax Collection Authorities are usually more aggressive than the IRS when collecting back taxes!

The majority of taxpayers that owe the IRS, typically have a State Tax debt or State Tax issue. State Tax agencies tend to be more aggressive in their collection tactics towards taxpayers that owe back taxes since their economy is smaller and rely on this income to function.That means aggressive wage garnishments and bank levies will begin unless the tax debt is approached skillfully for mediation.

Each State has its own set of guidelines and rules that they follow for collecting on back taxes. Revenue officers are given leeway to collect past taxes at their discretion, and often times the results can mean a small liability can spin out of control quickly. Because of this, It is paramount to hire a company with Enrolled Agents and Attorneys that have experience in the individual State where you have the tax debt.

At Blue Tax, our experienced tax professionals can help you resolve your State Tax issue by stopping all collection activity, negotiating a settlement, and setting up an affordable payment plan for you.

If you owe the State back taxes, or you are looking to obtain a settlement on your State Tax debt, contact us today at (888) 857-4999 or fill out our Free Consultation form for a free confidential tax analysis.

Our Tax Attorneys and professionals are employed and educated under the laws of each State and have been successful nationwide at enforcing the individual State Tax relief codes that most taxpayers are unaware of. That means quick relief can be yours

Our firm has years of experience in negotiating State Tax settlements and we have tax professionals that specialize in each of the 50 States. At Blue Tax, our success is your success.

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