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Should You Outsource Your Bookkeeping?

Should You Outsource Your Bookkeeping?

Like the Rolodex and the Typewriter Before Them, In-House Bookkeepers are Becoming the Next Unnecessary Small Business Need on the Chopping Block

As business technology advances, the way business was done in the past becomes more and more obsolete. Business owners have long been done with pagers, filing cabinets and messenger services; having replaced them with Smartphones, network servers, and Doc-u-sign. The most recent expense business owners are finding they can not only do without, but can also save money by doing without, is the use of an in-house bookkeeper.

Society as a whole has become much more computer savvy. “Bookkeeping software has made it very easy for people to run their own books,” says Todd Lewis, Vice President of Blue Tax. “The service that our clients expect from us is not inputting the numbers, but to evaluate and analyze the numbers. We have become more business analysts then number crunchers.” Blue Tax’s approach to outsourced bookkeeping has become a highly valued resource to its clients. By comparing its database of thousands of various successful client businesses, Blue Tax has been able to compare operating expenses and methods, being able to suggest changes to clients to make their business more profitable.

Through the implementation of these suggested changes, Blue Tax has been able to make their clients’ businesses 7% to 15% more profitable on average.

One of the secrets behind Blue Tax’s success with bookkeeping is their innovative approach to presenting the monthly report. While most bookkeepers are data entry professionals, presenting an excel spreadsheet, Blue Tax’s approach specifically addresses each business’s areas of improvement. “I know as a business owner, the last thing I want to do is look at some spread sheet. That is why we created the Four Points of Profitability.” Every month, Blue Tax provides a detailed but very simple report that focuses in on four areas that affects a specific business’s bottom line. This innovative approach to business bookkeeping has made Blue Tax the number one choice for those who need to have accurate reports but can’t afford the cost of an in-house bookkeeper.

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