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Personal Audit Representation

Blue Tax can help with both Personal and Business audits.

Audits are considered one of the most feared forms of collections for a reason. The IRS is given the authority to pour over your financial records, and the results of a poorly defended audit can be considerable.

Typically, when individuals find themselves under examination for a PERSONAL audit, it is the result of them claiming expenses that would normally be reserved for small businesses or the self-employed.

Most PERSONAL tax audits are performed on W2 employees who either claim, or try to claim, business expenses against their income. Whether legitimate or not, writing off expenses in certain categories will throw an automatic Red Flag to the IRS or State and spark an examination. Automobile mileage, home office expenses, tithing, and advertising expenses top the list of Red Flag expenses.

Put the power of the law on your side!

Blue Tax represents clients in all stages of an IRS or State Tax Examination. Don’t be fooled! The person who prepared the return should NOT represent the taxpayer in the audit! Blue Tax Audit Specialists achieve their success rates from being an outside source.

From that first letter to the final examination result, Blue Tax offers streamlined representation that requires little to no communication between clients and the IRS or State.

Call us today at (888) 857-4999 or fill out the form to your right. The Audit Specialists at Blue Tax ensure every client the best possible result allowed by law.


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