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IRS High Dollar Unit

If You have a tax liability over $1,000,000 we can help!

Having a tax liability in the millions is not something most taxpayers or businesses will ever have to worry about, but those that do should pay special attention. When the IRS is owed such a large amount, these cases are assigned to their special High Dollar Unit Division. That means that your tax debt and case are under the microscope as extremely high visibility issues, and your assets and income are in danger of being seized.

Because of the recent economic events, and because so many high net worth individuals and businesses came under fire and fell into extreme tax debt as their incomes plummeted, Blue Tax has dedicated an entire division just to handle these types of cases, and are one of the few firms in the country that handle tax liabilities this high.

Our tax attorneys and tax professionals are highly skilled in rolling up their sleeves and defending your rights, and will work with the assigned revenue agents to mediate these cases successfully.That means wage garnishments, bank levies, and asset seizures can be avoided by working through our specially trained representation, and the stress and fear of losing a business, an account, or a valuable asset to seizure can be muted.

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Your high dollar case is important to us, and we understand the consequences that having a liability this high can bring. Our professional team has many years of experience in negotiating with this special division of the IRS, and we understand how to enforce every possible tax relief code that is available to the taxpayer who is suffering from a massive liability.

Rest assured. We will provide the highest level of representation available, and will protect your assets and mediate your case aggressively.

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