Estate Taxes
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Estate Taxes

Have you recently lost a loved one who left you a large inheritance?

Did you know that depending on the year and the amount inherited, the IRS can tax you up to 45% of the Estate’s value on that income? Have you already liquidated half of the Estate just to pay off the taxes? Blue Tax Estate can help! Our staff of tax professionals has over 20 years of experience in disputing Estate and Gift tax values to the IRS to bring the overall estimated value down.

Lower overall estimated Estate and Gift tax values result in significantly lower tax liabilities. In some cases, the professionals at Blue Tax Estate have been able to argue an Estate and Gift tax’s value as being under the tax threshold, therefore finding the taxpayer responsible for no liability at all.

Losing a loved one can prove to be an overwhelming and emotionally draining time. The thought of inheriting the deceased’s estate only amplifies the grief and pain of the loss. In an effort to finding a quick paperwork resolution, many uninformed heirs of large estates needlessly pay the full estimated tax amounts on their inherited assets, resulting in the loss of hundreds and even millions of dollars that otherwise would be theirs.

Our team of tax professionals will fight to preserve your wealth!

Even if you have already paid the taxes, in many cases the Blue Tax Estate professionals can negotiate for you to receive money back from the IRS. By going back and disputing the value of the Estate or Gift tax at the time of inheritance, in many cases Blue Tax Estate has been able to convince the IRS to refund our clients the difference.

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