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Client Reviews

On Tax Debt Resolution and Settlementstars

“When the IRS worker told me I had to satisfy IRS requirements or they were going to garnish 90% of my next paycheck and I knew I could not do it alone, I called Blue Tax immediately. From the beginning, starting with James, the whole team offered me a measure of peace, without giving false hopes. Senior Account Manager Rick assured me Blue Tax is very good at what they do…I had no choice but to believe him. My personal account manager, Veronica, worked very hard and we spent 2 days faxing and calling back and forth. Veronica and Attorney Elizabeth produced a miracle and they met my 2 and a half day deadline before my paycheck would have been cut by 90%. They did what they say in their ad that they can do! I will be recommending Blue Tax to everybody, especially during the next tax month. In particular, I want to commend Veronica and James for their treating me like a human being, not just a voice at the other end of the phone. It made a huge difference for me. Bless you Blue Tax, for being there when I needed you!”
-Cathy H., Posted on 3/4/2011

“THANK YOU, John Bruce. I had a horrific experience with an indifferent and unresponsive tax company for nearly seven months. My bank account was levied, and I was down to my last 35 dollars. I was feeling hopeless. I contacted Blue Tax. I was assisted by John Bruce. He was patient, courteous, he listened to my nightmare and best of all John had answers to all my concerns!! John Bruce took immediate action and had my bank funds released by the next morning. He helped get my tax issue resolved in a matter of hours. I’m not only satisfied; I am grateful for all his help and understanding. I would recommend John Bruce to anyone with tax problems.”
– Wen, Posted on 6/28/2012

“Problems Solved! After years of worry about my tax problems, I finally decided it was time to bring in the experts… I needed help! To be honest, I had no idea where to turn. One evening, while watching television, I saw a Blue Tax advertisement. Although late at night, I decided to call. Chris answered my call and was extremely professional and supportive. After a brief conversation we reached an agreement and I was on track to finally addressing my problem. My case was assigned to an Account Manager, Leslie Mackey. I simply can not say enough good things about Leslie. She was there for me throughout the entire process. Her personal attention, interest and support were paramount in the success of this endeavor and in alleviating years of built up anxiety. She was very responsive, there to answer my every question and reassure me of the process when I needed support. In short, I can’t imagine anyone else I would have ever wanted to manage my case, and on my side than Leslie. In summary, Blue Tax did a wonderful job of representing me with the IRS and reached a very good resolution to my tax problems. They were always there to take my calls, listened to my concerns and professionally guided me through this difficult process. They have continued follow-up with me on my case even though it has been officially closed. When I get correspondence from the IRS, I do not hesitate to call, even now, knowing that they are there for me. I hope for your sake, if you are considering Blue Tax to represent you concerning tax problems, you proceed with confidence in their company. If you are fortunate enough to have Leslie Mackey assigned as your Account Manager, you too will agree and understand how blessed I feel. THANKS again Leslie!”
-Larry H., Posted on 6/26/2012

“Great Service. I worked with Blue Tax for about eight months. They were always available by phone and worked very hard to get my case approved. Overall my experience was top-notch.”
-Terri W., Posted on 6/20/2012

“Blue Tax is awesome!!! A few months ago, I received a letter from the state that I owe a huge amount of money to the state due to my tax return from 2004. I was so surprised and terrified as well to know how this thing happened to me. So when I checked my file of 2004, there’s no indications that I need to be worried about. I called Blue Tax, Inc. to seek some advice and also they are willing to help me to fix this problem to the state. The law firm really was doing pretty good job. They consistently call IRS and the State for them to be able to establish a zero balance which started as a $51,684.95 liability for tax year 2004 and also was able to release a wage garnishment. I can’t imagine without the help of the Blue Tax Inc., Im so grateful having them and I would like to thank Mr. Colin for his hard work into this case. I love their work and they don’t only put their words to the papers, flyers or any other commercial ads, they really do put their writing into actions and thats what we all need. I am happy and very well satisfied.”
-Geraldine P., Posted on 6/15/2012

“Thank you Blue Tax! I’d like to thank Sal Green and Blue Tax for saving me over $10,000 on a $16,000 tax bill. Other than supplying them with requested documents, they handled everything. I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience and outcome of my case. I would recommend Blue Tax to anyone seeking help with any tax issue.”
-John C., Posted on 4/13/2012

“Blue Tax… the beasts are finally vanquished. The IRS started harassing me back in 2005 for back taxes. They even garnished my military retirement for a three month period. Then the state started harassing me because of information provided to them from the IRS. After writing many letters and numerous phone calls I had no luck in resolving my tax issues. Finally, I received a notice from the state stating they were going to suspend my drivers license, and steam started erupting from my ears. The Blue Tax commercial just happened to be on television as I finished reading the notice from the state. I called them immediately and explained my problem. Initially I dealt with a fellow named Ken Fox. As things progressed my actual tax issues were handed to Jeffery Kim. Jeff immediately put me to work providing back tax returns, W-2′s and 1099′s way back to 2003. So, after I provided all the requested documents, Jeff went to work. While the process was in progress, Jeff kept me calm (no small fête) and informed me as to what was happening along the way. Finally, after three short months, Jeff had accomplished what I had been unable to do in seven years. IRS is paid off, and as it turns out, I owed the state Zero $’s, zip, zilch, Nada. Blue Tax can be very proud of the work/service that Jeff Kim provided to me. Jeff Kim would be a valuable asset to any company.”
-Dick B., Posted on 4/6/2012

“Blue Tax – Trustworthy and worth it! We were facing some major financial hardships with the IRS and hired Blue Tax to intervene on our behalf. I honestly thought it was too good to be true. I did a little research and found great reviews with the Better Business Bureau. That gave me enough of a comfort level to proceed. Our consultants walked us through the process and paperwork and we have qualified for a program I had never heard of and the IRS has agreed! Huge relief. Thanks to the experts at Blue Tax.”
– Kristina M., Posted on 2/24/2012

“I lost my job in 2003, for the next 7 years I lived off of my 401k money always taking the full amount thinking that since I was paying my mortgage and village, county and school taxes that they would offset one another, well I was wrong, after the smoke cleared the IRS wanted $20,000 from me. In the meantime I was fortunate enough to get a job paying about 1/3 of what I was making at the old job, but having a family I was happy because the job had medical benefits. I kept getting letters from the IRS telling me that I better come up with $20,000 plus new interest charges or they were going to levy my home and take my paycheck. My accountant told me that I better get myself a tax attorney, not knowing any I started to ask around if anybody knew of one. A friend recommended Blue Tax. In the meantime the IRS had called me and had given me two days to come up with some money. I had none, So I called Blue Tax and immediately they were on the case Jeff Kim was able to get the IRS off of my back, Jeff assured me that they were not allowed to talk to me unless they spoke to him first. For the next three months working closely with Jeff he was able to negotiate a deal with the IRS for me where I have no worries and can finally sleep at night. Thank You Blue Tax and especially Jeff Kim for making my life easier.”
– James M., Posted on 11/12/2011

“I was willing to finance my past due debt with the “Gov”, but at 240% annual interest I had to call somebody for help. Though I did not get the ultimate results I was hoping for, Jay at Blue Tax was very helpful and available. He was BFT – “my best friend temporarily” (we both laughed at this). All in all I am not total sure it was worth the money I paid, but I learned a lot and will certainly not fall into this trap again – God Willing. Blue Tax was very professional and helpful.”
-Ted G., Posted on 10/6/2011

“After a loss of job and inability to find comparable income opportunities, I owed over $35,000 to the IRS with no way of paying any of it back. I contacted Blue Tax and was very fortunate to talk to Ken Ly. He was very sympathetic to my situation and had tremendous knowledge of tax law and how they could help me. He was very patient with me and updated me as often as necessary. I am happy to say that I just received notification from the IRS that our offer was accepted. I now can clear my debt for only $500. Thank you so much Blue Tax and a special thanks to Ken Ly. Good luck in Law School.”
-Patrick K., Posted on 9/27/2011

“I heard of Blue Tax on the Fox News Network and looked them up online. I called them and spoke with David and explained my tax problem. After a few quick questions he said they would be able to help me. It was the best decision I ever made. My case file worker was Jay and he was super! He called me every other week to keep me updated on my case. When I needed to fax paperwork he was very helpful on selecting the correct way to handle my problem. So in less than three months from start to finish Blue Tax was able to release me from a tax debt of over $10,000.00!! I would highly recommend this busines to anyone who has a tax problem. Thanks guys from a very satisfied customer.”
-Deborah F., Posted on 6/9/2011

“I called Blue Tax after I had spent x amount of dollars with Tax Masters. Then I ended up owing $14,000 (man, what a rip off), thanks to Patrick Cook with Blue Tax i ended up getting $8,700 back. Blue Tax is not a rip off. Patrick Cook did everything he said he would do, what a great guy and what a great company. Thanks to him, Blue Tax erased my IRS problems”
-Calvin T., Posted on 5/27/2011

“I had a 2008 serious tax burden and i turned to Blue Tax for help. My account manager was Ken. He was timely, friendly, he listened and was quick to react to my needs. Blue Tax saved me over 5000 bucks after their fee. I would not hesitate to use Blue Tax again and specifically Ken. Very Best Regards to the Blue Tax Team, Chuck”
-Charles M., Posted on 5/11/2011

“Hello, I’m really thankful, grateful, pleased, excited, and happy with the job that the team at Blue Tax(especially Ken Ly and Ric Roman) performed for me. They were very professional and took my $23,000 debt to the IRS and reduced it to around $1,000. Finally, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank God for Blue Tax, no more certified letters from the IRS. If you want to feel like Charlie Sheen “Winning” then hired Blue Tax.”
– Wilberth P., Posted on 3/11/2011

“After years of dealing with the IRS, I retained Blue Tax to represent me and my tax problems. After a short conversation with Blue Tax representatives mainly Jimmy Ma, I felt I’d made the correct decision and let them be my representative with the IRS. I had no more communication with the IRS, and after several meetings and paperwork between Blue Tax and the IRS my tax problems were under control and I could see light at the end of the tunnel. I was astounded at the terms that were arranged. I’ll just say my liabilities were reduced in the 70-80 percent range. I personally would recommend Jimmy Ma and Blue Tax to represent anyone in anything close to my situation. Everything was done over phone or email with numerous updates and very little inconvenience to me.”
-Richard D., Posted on 9/20/2010

“I have been in debt with the IRS for several years and within those years I tried to resolve my tax issues. However each year it only seemed to get worse. The balance I owed was not correct, which I tried to explain to the IRS, but they did not care. I barely could keep up with my payments. In 2009 my mother became very ill and I was on disability. I thought nothing else could possible happen when I received a letter from the IRS requesting my full balance up front. I needed everything I had to get by.After researching a couple of tax resolution companies, I decided to go with Blue Tax. Not only did I like what they stood for… they were very confident and I felt I was definitely in good hands. I am glad to say Blue Tax resolved my tax issues. I was overwhelmed with the outcome. I truly appreciate Kyle Zach at Blue Tax. He was extremely attentive, professional, caring and kind at all times. I must say there were times when I was a bit apprehensive, but Kyle reassured me everything will be ok.”
-Stephanie, Posted on 7/2/2010

“I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Blue Tax, Inc. I had been paying the IRS on a monthly payment plan for a year including multiple charges in interest and penalties. It was depressing and burdensome. The situation was going nowhere for me, with approximately half of the monthly payment going to the principal owed and the rest to the IRS for owing them anything in the first place. Talk about being penalized. Big Time! I couldn’t take it anymore and just a few months ago, I started out working with a very helpful associate named Lilian @ Blue Tax, Inc., who could not have been kinder and more caring, answering my most basic questions and concerns. There were moments where I thought she would get sick of me, but she was always patient and kind. Those facts encouraged me to continue with the process and take the next necessary step to get my IRS debt settled and over with completely. I was nervous about signing up and spending yet more money, but I knew I had to make a decision. I did compare a few tax companies, but they were all alot of talk and alot of money. Once my account manager, Ken Ly from Blue Tax, Inc., was assigned to me after my signing up with Blue Tax, Inc., all of my fears were put to rest. Ken is one of the nicest, kindest persons I have ever dealt with in a customer service setting. There was alot at stake for me. Having tax issues with the IRS is scary and Ken was so assuring and confident that he inspired confidence in me. I never had any problems contacting him or him getting back to me. He was always prompt and courteous, sometimes with a call back and sometimes with an email. It didn’t matter to me if it was an email, what mattered was that I was not being neglected or ignored, especially once I had paid my fee. The outcome was hugely successful for me with the IRS and I highly, highly recommend this company as being competent, caring and smart. They know what they are talking about and their fee, in comparison to the other tax companies, is actually the least expensive. They are just honest and nice to deal with. No double talk. Even though my IRS debt is settled, I was told I still have access to Ken Ly and the wonderful team at Blue Tax, Inc. with any other future tax concerns. I am grateful for finding them and making the right choice with settling my debt with the IRS. What more can I say? Like I said, I guess not enough!”
-Camille I., Posted on 6/30/2010

On W2, Wage Levies and Garnishmentsstars

“Blue Tax did what they advertise–they stopped a wage garnishment within 48 hours and saved my life! The months of completing my case were stressful at times, but the Blue Tax people, especially Susan Ross and Paul Franklin, were patient and answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend calling them when you have a tax issue and hopefully Susan will be assigned to your case!”
-Catherine H., Posted on 10/27/2011

“In the midst of negotiating with the IRS they decided to implement a levy and garnish my wages. I was left with $373 every two weeks which devastated my family financially. I called Blue Tax and they were able to get the levy lifted within a week. The care and compassion exercised by Nikki, Todd, and Scott was unparalleled. They made a very stressful situation easier to deal with. They sent very simple tax organizers via email and I was able to become compliant with my late tax returns as well as reduce my sizable IRS debt. (80k to 26k). The 26k is my initial amount and now that the levy has been lifted we are on to the next step of evaluating what the true debt will be but in my book 26k is way more manageable than 80!. I am grateful to the Blue Tax team and the way they have worked with me. You hear advertisement constantly on the radio and television about how companies can help you deal with the IRS but where the rubber meets the road, Blue Tax actually delivers. Thanks guys!”
-Ebony W., Posted on 10/11/2011

“I wanted to write and truly thank Blue Tax for helping me with some serious tax issues! I had over 5 years of unfilled taxes and owed over $10,000 in back taxes. I have been working with John Bruce who is a tax strategist with Blue Tax, his knowledge of tax issues is second to none!! He was able to not only able to bring my tax debt from 10,000 to 0 !!!!! He also removed a wage garnishment even before it went into effect on my next pay period. Mr. Bruce along with Blue Tax has lifted a huge burden from my shoulders. Thank you Blue Tax!!!!!!”
-Mario V., Posted on 9/7/2011

“At 4:00 pm on Friday, I was a desperate stranger on the East Coast with eight years of unfiled tax returns and a serious bank levy about to take effect on Tuesday. By Monday evening my taxes were filed and the levy was lifted. Blue Tax did not promise that miracle, they just performed it. And it was executed with a professional and straightforward honesty, integrity, dogged persistence, and a surprising and welcomed level of compassion and empathy. I am especially grateful to Jay Kissler who always kept me in the loop and somehow managed to keep me laughing. I had to stop him from apologizing for all of his phone calls. In situations like this, you can’t communicate enough. He leaps tall building on a single bound. What impressed me the most was that I could tell how much the team there was inspired by the challenge. The attitude seemed to be: “This is impossible, but let’s see if we can do it.” And they did. And I have my life back. What more could you ask? I was afraid to call, I thought I could do it on my own. The lesson I learned is that when a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals work on something, it gets done right. I can’t imagine what would have happened to me if I hadn’t picked up that phone.”
-John P., Posted on 7/19/2011

“We owed the IRS $27,000. We tried to make payment arrangements and they would not do it. Then the IRS garnished my wages. I called BLUE TAX.I talked to Scott. He told me not to worry. Scott sent me the Paul. THANK GOD FOR PAUL. He and his team not only got the garnishment off but I don’t have to pay anything. They are the best. My nerves were so bad until Paul came along. He really did a great job. Thank you BLUE TAX so much. Tracy”
-Tracy W., Posted on 5/29/2011

-C. G., Posted on 12/6/2010

“I had my doubts… When three weeks ago, out of the blue, without any notice, the IRS placed a levy on my bank for past taxes owed.
I was in a panic and not knowing what to do, I googled the internet and came across the Blue Tax website. So I filled out the contact form to talk to a consultant. Shortly, Bill Davis called and I told him my sad story whereupon he assured me he could help. First to get the bank levy released, and then they would negotiate to alleviate my considerable tax debt down to where I can afford it. They were rather expensive and required up front payment and a lot of faith in their abilities, but I decided to take the shot. It was a good move. After providing their team member Beatrice with all the necessary information, which took about a week, they performed exactly as promised and got the levy released. Next step, they will negotiate my tax burden while I now have some breathing room. So far so good. I am giving them 4 stars and reserving the fifth star for when the second part is completed satisfactorily and I can be on an affordable payment plan. I will recommend them to all.”
– Mike M., Posted on 11/17/2010

“Life can be a extreme rollercoaster of ups and downs. As the current state of our nations economy continued to downward spiral so did our personal finances. We found ourselves pushed up against the wall and contacted BLUE TAX when we were at our lowest point with the state and IRS tax issues. Both the state and the IRS attempted to garnish our wages and our checking account. Rick Roman, the entire Blue tax team and BLUE TAXES council of attorneys has provided excellent support as we navigate our way through these difficult times. Phone calls are answered promptly, efficiently and the entire team I found to be trustworthy and honest. There are no false promises issued — just the honest facts. I truly appreciate BLUE TAXES assistance and recommend them to anyone needing their services.”
-Stephanie D., Posted on 11/16/2010

“My experience with Blue Tax was very positive. When i first called them i didn’t know which way to turn. I informed them of the situation that I was in with the IRS. The person I was talking to made me feel that I was in good hands with them. At this point I decided to retain their services and from there on I began to finally sleep good at night. My tax attorney was very professional and listened to what I had to say. Blue Tax worked out a payment plan with the IRS for me. I no longer have to worry about wage garnishment or levies against me. Blue Tax did all the negotiating for me. Blue Tax did a good job for me.”
-Michael J., Posted on 11/15/2010

“We would like to thank Ric Roman for all of the hard work he has done for us regarding our IRS taxes. We had just received a garnishment and we would be force to live on 1/8th of the money we need. Ric and Blue Tax, Inc got that garnishment lifted and it a big relief off of our shoulder, along with this they are working with IRS to get our debt reduced. We could not have done it without Ric help. I want to thank him for all of the hard work he did in this matter for us. They have made life a lot better for myself and my family. I would recommend them to any of my friends in this situation. Thank you, Dan & Donna Nagel.”
-Dan Nagel, Posted on 10/31/2010

“Hey, I’m the little guy. I don’t have much money and I work for what I have. “Stuff happens”, it set me back quite a way. The I.R.S. sent a letter to my boss. BLUE TAX took care of it before my payday. I’m on track now with their help to take care of the “Stuff”. Thank You BLUE TAX, Trent”
-Trenton A., Posted on 10/30/2010

“I was hoping to handle this issue myself but the IRS made it almost impossible. Blue Tax definitely handled my garnishment. They definitely got the job done! I’m finally receiving a full paycheck. …I can now pay my bills and not lose my home.”
-Kevin H., Posted on 10/7/2010

“I would like to say thank you to Blue Tax! Especially Robert, he was very helpful. I feel confident in recommending their services to anyone having tax problems. They prevented my accounts from getting levied and reduced the amount I owed by a significant amount.”
-Maria R., Posted on 10/5/2010

“There are times in some individuals’ lives where they may feel that their backs are against the wall when simply trying to live becomes what seems to be an insurmountable task, and during those times very tough decisions are made. The day to day balance of juggling work and family responsibilities, and bills can sometimes make those decisions that where already tough even tougher. It would be great if our bottom line figure made the balancing act less tedious, but this may not always be the case. Such was the case with me. I found myself in somewhat of the proverbial pickle when the pied piper, daddy IRS, came to collect. Instead of coming into town – flute in hand – to lead my child out of town they were headed straight to my bank to seize my cash flow in terms of garnishments. Long story short I felt helpless. I had to decide whether or not to sit back and work with whatever was leftover after the IRS was done, try to make an agreement with the IRS, or find someone to represent me. After seeing several television commercials advertising almost the impossible, I decided to try my luck. I talked to several outfits and they talked a good game, however, something just did not settle with me. Just when I thought that I was at the end of the rope, I ran across an advertisement for Blue Tax, Incorporated. Even though I had my share of pitch men giving me their spiel about what a fantastic job they could do for me, I said why not give it one my try. Upon contacting Blue Tax, I immediately felt that this company was different. Mr. Tighe Curren, Sr. Tax Analyst, listened to what I had to say and instead of giving me the song and dance that I was used to, he let me know that even though some people do reach settlements that not all do, and that it is dependent on the individuals financial circumstances. The only promise that he made was that Blue Tax would exhaust all of their resources in working towards getting the best possible outcome for me. He had my attention until he told me the fee associated with the service; he could sense my apprehension. Afterwards Blue Tax established a payment plan that I could afford. Mr. Jimmy Ma, Account Manager, contacted me within a week to inform me that Blue Tax was not waiting until my payment was paid in full and that they were beginning my case immediately. He informed me that the resolution was dependent upon when I provided all of the information requested. Unfortunately my situation did not warrant a settlement, but Blue Tax was true to their word of exhausting all of their resources and continued to work on my behalf to get me an agreement that I could afford. I have to say that I was more than pleased with the outcome; although it took lots of phone call to stay abreast of every move. If you are looking for a company that will be totally honest with you, and provide you with all of their legal expertise in the arena of tax litigation, then I would highly recommend that you seek the services of Blue Tax, Incorporated.”
-Gabriel H., Posted on 10/2/2010

“Thank you Blue Tax! Your quick efforts in stopping a garnish in less than a 24hr time frame is outstanding. The relief that this has brought is priceless and I look forward to working with you to totally get this problem under control. I commend the politeness, generosity and eagerness to serve attitude of everyone that I have came in contact with from the Blue Tax team. I am thoroughly looking forward to what your dedicated team will provide in our efforts to help me to resolve my tax relief. Your efforts are noted and commended. I highly recommend that anyone seeking relief in any IRS or back tax issues, to contact Blue Tax for guidance and assistance. You wont be sorry! Thank you again for all your time and efforts.”
-Jason Freeman, Posted on 9/22/2010

“Blue Tax is absolutely awesome! They have been working with me for back taxes for a few months.. the IRS decided to levy my checking account anyway, and in my state of panic, Blue Tax’s attorneys resolved the issue and got the levy reversed in just 3 hours… and worked overtime on a Friday night to do this!! I am so very glad that I did my research and chose this company.. Highly recommended!!!”
-Stephanie W., Posted on 9/21/2010

“After 6 years and 5 different tax firms hired and released to resolve our tax situation I am thrilled to have placed my trust in Blue Tax Inc. The last outfit we hired left the information lay on his desk for over 2 years and no resolve but $2200 later I’m in danger with the IRS levying our assets. One call to Blue Tax, and within one week the levy is lifted and I’m in very good shape to have my tax problem becoming a thing of the past. Veronica and Lillian have made me feel that I can breathe a sigh of relief and for the first time in 6 years I am able to quit looking behind me and begin to look forward. Thank you so much my dear ladies, once this is all over I aim to offer my thanks personally when I come out West. Thank you”
-Dean S., Posted on 8/31/2010

“Blue Tax helped me out of a jam with the IRS by successfully negotiating a settlement with the IRS that was 35% lower than the original lien, coordinating the OIC and payment plan, and filing my taxes with minimal disruption to me or my family. I am very satisfied with the work performed by Blue Tax.”
-Barry S., Posted on 4/22/2010

“I’m so glad I found Blue tax. I hired a firm called Tax Defense Network and they did not do any work. They only called me for more money. Once I hired Blue Tax, they contacted the IRS and the state the same day. They lifted my wage garnishments immediately and instantly protected me. Thank you for saving my life and eliminating my problems.”
-Andrew V., Posted on 3/29/2010

“Last October, I was desperate because IRS sent a notice of wage garnishment to my employer. The tax owed was over $70,000.00. I was already working with a known Tax Negotiating company referred to me by a friend. I contacted them but was tossed around for several days to no avail, which prompted me to search online for an alternative. I stumbled on Blue Tax, and what a blessing; by the next day, the garnishment was stopped in it’s tracks. The staff of Blue tax worked vigorously to achieve a CNC approval by the 12th of January 2010, barely two and a half months later. Incredible, considering that I was working with this other company for more than 10 months. The best part was that there was no zillion page forms to fill. I doff my hat to Blue Tax. Thank you very much. I will definitely recommend Blue Tax.”
-H. N., Posted on 1/26/2010

On Tax Preparationstars

“Great work! Very pleased with them. Had been with the same accountant for 15 years. Finally got fed up with the “yeah, you’ll break even again this year, maybe get a little back,” so tried Blue Tax. They not only provided a substantial refund, they were incredibly responsive, cost 1/3 less than what my old tax-man charged me, provided advice on ways to pay less in the future, and went back and redid past returns to get further reductions there. Only negative is they won’t e-file, but worth waiting the extra 4-6 weeks to get a much bigger check (and in the future pay less).”
-Thomas F., Posted on 4/17/2012

“I want to thank the folks at Blue Tax for a great experience. After parting ways with my CPA of 10 years I needed some help. I heard the Blue Tax advertisement on the radio and gave them a call. Jeff Kim, my account manager, walked me through this process without a hitch. It was fast, painless and successful!”
-D. D., Posted on 4/13/2012

“Fantastic Job. Great service. Both Kelly Heater and Jeff Kim did a great job answering all of my questions. Most back ever!! I have recommended them to several people already and I will be using them again!”
-Daniel H., Posted on 3/27/2012

“Thanks Blue Tax and Mr Jimmy Ma. I had huge problem with the IRS. I didn’t filed the taxes for two years and owed like $89,000.00 for the ’06-’08 also the IRS levy my bank and my income and they were looking in levy everything I have, so I called Blue Tax and they were able to remove my levy and also reduce what I owe to IRS, so now i owe from ’06-’11 only $69,000 and my payments are $180.00 per month . Jimmy Ma, is very professional, respectful and understanding. From his side he was moving fast to fix my problem I was the one moving slow. Thanks Jimmy Ma you did a very good job!! I recommend Jimmy Ma if you have tax problem. He is pro.”
-Mike T., Posted on 3/27/2012

“Where do you turn when your at the end of your rope and you don’t no where to turn? Mostly, because of what you’ve heard about; all of the fear surrounding the IRS. The worst thing I could have done was ignore the horrific nightmare I put myself in. That nightmare was caused by me not filing for 10 years and owing back taxes. Levy’s, garnishments, you name it, It was going down and fast. Blue Tax representatives and attorneys didn’t blow any smoke and promise me the world, as some other tax representation companies did. Honesty and factually, is how they responded to my questions and fears and that’s why I chose Blue Tax. My case was an extreme case. Ten years of not filing 1040 forms for both federal and state, plus the back taxes owed of $75,000. Believe me the worst thing I could have done was sit in a corner and cry. Yes, I was scared and I’m so glad I found Blue Tax and Leslie. Blue Tax, thanks for helping me through that nightmare. Thanks Leslie for being so polite ,even when I wasn’t. Thanks for reassuring me that you were there for me at every turn. Thanks for all the returned calls and being patient when I couldn’t get all the paperwork to you as quickly as you wanted. Mostly, thanks for keeping me sane and calm throughout my ordeal. I felt as if I were underwater without a regulator and Blue Tax gave me air to breathe again. Blue Tax has gone above and beyond to make sure my case was handled with the utmost importance. Thanks for delivering what you promised.”
-David C., Posted on 10/18/2011

“I wanted to write and truly thank Blue Tax for helping me with some serious tax issues! I had over five years of unfiled taxes and owed over $10,000 in back taxes. I have been working with John Bruce who is a tax strategist with Blue Tax, his knowledge of tax issues is second to none!! He was not only able to bring my tax debt from 10,000 to 0 !!!!! He also removed a wage garnishment even before it went into effect on my next pay period. Mr. Bruce along with Blue Tax has lifted a huge burden from my shoulders. Thank you Blue Tax!!!!!!”
-Mario V., Posted on 9/7/2011

“At 4:00 pm on Friday, I was a desperate stranger on the East Coast with eight years of unfiled tax returns and a serious bank levy about to take effect on Tuesday. By Monday evening my taxes were filed and the levy was lifted. Blue Tax did not promise that miracle, they just performed it. And it was executed with a professional and straightforward honesty, integrity, dogged persistence, and a surprising and welcomed level of compassion and empathy. I am especially grateful to Jay Kissler who always kept me in the loop and somehow managed to keep me laughing. I had to stop him from apologizing for all of his phone calls. In situations like this, you can’t communicate enough. He leaps tall building on a single bound. What impressed me the most was that I could tell how much the team there was inspired by the challenge. The attitude seemed to be: “This is impossible, but let’s see if we can do it.” And they did. And I have my life back. What more could you ask? I was afraid to call, I thought I could do it on my own. The lesson I learned is that when a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals work on something, it gets done right. I can’t imagine what would have happened to me if I hadn’t picked up that phone.”
-John P., Posted on 7/19/2011

“I got to say, I had my doubts about geting taxes done this way, have got burnt by a tax company that’s been in the news lately, but I gave Blue Tax a chance, and I got to say, damn, I’m impressed, they did what they said they would, and in a better than decent time, my thanks to Jimmy and his team, I give them a 10+ You guys rock.”
-Thomas C., Posted on 6/6/2011

“Hello everyone, I want to share my very positive experience that my husband and I have had with Blue Tax. In 2009 we had owned a business in South Carolina that unfortunately failed. Our original tax attorney set our business up as a C-Corporation. We are still not sure why we were set up with that tax status. We had a very complicated tax situation especially trying to file a corporate return ourselves. I called Blue Tax, they immediately took the time to set up a conference call with a team of Tax Attorneys to better understand our situation. Initially I was assigned an account Manager Ric Roman who has been exceptional. He followed up with me weekly about any prior issues and knew how to put my tax fears at ease. Tax attorney Elena Matsvay was exceptional as well with her knowledge and research in finding answers to resolve our tax questions and to best meet our needs when completing our Corporate return. Blue Tax has also helped with our 1040′s by amending them to reflect our loss from our Corporate return. Blue Tax is also affordable and really came through when we were in a tax bind. I strongly reccomend Blue Tax, especially if your tax situation is complicated!. Patty March 17, 2011”
-Patricia O., Posted on 3/17/2011

“I needed old tax returns to be filed and was desperate to get them done for a court case that was pending. I contacted Blue Tax based on their radio advertisements and I’m glad I did. After worrying for years that I’d be held hostage by the IRS or State of California for old taxes I owed, I found out that I’m getting back almost $24,000. That was great news! But the best news was that they did everything on a really short timeline and I have the tax returns done for my court case. Thank you to everyone at Blue Tax! It was great doing business with you!”
-Janet S., Posted on 12/31/2010

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