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Business Audit

Blue Tax can help with both Personal and Business audits.

An IRS Audit of your business is sure to be nerve-racking, time consuming, and invasive. Usually, the IRS revenue agent initiates the audit by interviewing the owner of the business being audited. The findings of this interview can be quite problematic for the business owner, especially if the revenue agent later determines that answers given by the owner during the interview were fictitious or unresponsive.

Having been trained to handle these interviews in an intimidating fashion, the revenue officer has an objective of getting you to admit to errors on the returns. You certainly do not want to find yourself in this situation. Representation by the experts at Blue Tax will ensure that you will not have to be interrogated by the revenue officer.

A significant increase in taxes due as well as penalties and interest can be the result of ineffective representation in an IRS audit. The IRS revenue agents can even refer your case for a criminal investigation and prosecution in certain situations.

Put your Business in a winning position

You owe it to yourself to have this matter handled with experience, skill, and discretion by a qualified tax attorney. The tax attorneys at Blue Tax have substantial experience representing individuals and business owners in their IRS audits. The Blue Tax team specializes in representing taxpayers in complicated IRS audits.

If the tax conflict cannot be satisfactorily resolved at the audit level, then the taxpayer has the ability to appeal the revenue agent’s final report. In addition to being audit experts, The Blue Tax attorneys also have a proven track record at the IRS appeals level.

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