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Being Audited? Don’t Make the Mistake of Hiring a CPA

Being Audited? Don’t Make the Mistake of Hiring a CPA

Blue Tax Dishes on Why Certified Public Accountants are the Worst People to Represent Tax Payers in an IRS Audit

Anyone that has ever been audited by the IRS knows that if they ever have to do it again, they would do things much differently.
Initially, receiving the notice in the mail and knowing that the IRS is going to examine finances and tax returns scares people so much that they make hasty decisions on how to handle the situation. Oftentimes, this fear will lead people into making the terrible decision to represent themselves or, even worse, to allow the person who prepared the return to represent them. Despite the backlash Blue Tax will undoubtedly receive from CPAs around the country, Blue Tax unveils why you should never hire a Certified Public Accountant to handle an IRS audit; especially a local one.

To truly understand this concept requires an understanding of who governs CPAs and their business practices. For an individual to become a CPA, they are required to pass a national CPA test to achieve their license. When they become a CPA, they swear to uphold the laws and regulations that the IRS requires of them when preparing returns and such. Those that do not abide by the regulations can have their license revoked. So, even though they may tell a taxpayer that they are going to give them the best audit representation possible, CPAs will ALWAYS be careful not to ruffle feathers and/or draw attention to themselves, their practice or their database of clients. When it comes to fighting for their clients, CPAs will always protect themselves first and their clients second especially if they were the ones that prepared the return under examination.

In addition to debunking the rumor that taxpayers should hire a CPA to represent them in an IRS Audit, Blue Tax also encourages taxpayers to never hire a local representative. The reason behind this is simple. By hiring someone local, it increases the accessibility that IRS has to the tax payer. For instance, the IRS will always want to meet in person. The reason they do this is because it allows them to get immediate answers to their questions, oftentimes catching the tax payer off guard. When the IRS asks “Why did you or your client do this?” the representative will need to give an answer right then and there. Hiring someone out of state allows the representative the time to defer to his or her client ensuring that no damning comment can be made. This lag time will often give representatives that time they need to properly answer any IRS inquiries. A local representative will not have this luxury.

In conclusion, hiring an out of state tax attorney for representation in an IRS audit is the best decision a taxpayer can make. Not only does this relationship allow taxpayers lag time to avoid making damaging statements, but tax attorneys are not governed by the very organization they are in contention with. This type of representation does require taxpayers to be phone and email savvy as well as being comfortable with hiring someone they have never met. But, in the end, the benefits far outweigh the damages that can be done by hiring a local CPA.

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