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Bank Levy/Asset Seizure

Suffering from an IRS bank levy or asset seizure? We can help!

If you have a personal tax debt or if your business has a liability to either the IRS or State, the IRS will begin sending notices demanding payment. If a taxpayer disregards these demands for payment, the IRS will begin to seize assets to satisfy the debt.

The IRS commonly uses bank levies and asset seizures as a method to collect back taxes from the taxpayer and force their had into willful compliance. It is as easy as the IRS sending a letter to the taxpayer’s bank accompanied with the levy notice stating they will be seizing the taxpayer’s bank account. The bank must freeze all of the taxpayer’s funds and forward them to the IRS. Banks who disregard IRS levies face serious penalties, so all banks follow the IRS instructions regarding levies. The IRS can seize funds from any institution, business or individual that has funds belonging to the taxpayer. For example, the IRS can seize funds from a utility company holding a deposit, an escrow company, an investment company or even a stock broker.

Our legal team will step in fast with immediate protection and relief!

Once targeted for a levy or seizure, undoing these actions takes a strong arm and a delicate hand. The Blue Tax legal defense team has extensive experience in successfully negotiating the release of IRS bank levies and asset seizures, protecting taxpayers and businesses and keeping them out of further harm.

Our team of tax professionals have stopped and negotiated many bank levy situations for taxpayers. If you want to stop a bank levy or seek assistance in negotiating a bank levy situation, contact our firm today at (888) 857-4999 or fill out our Free Consultation form for a free confidential tax analysis.


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